Zotter Mealworm Chocolate?

Zotter Mealworm Chocolate?

Yes my fellow chocolate lovers, mealworm chocolate.

Once upon a time at a chocolate meeting held in the Austrian embassy, a chocolate loving acquaintance of mine was lucky enough to meet the man behind the wonderfully quirky Austrian chocolate – Mr Zotter! (Me jealous?……YES)

Mr Zotter could not wait to try out his weird and wonderful flavours and said friend left armed with a bag full of some incredibly diverse Zotter chocolate – I introduce to you mealworm chocolate.

I am a HUGE fan of Zotter chocolate, I love the many flavour combinations as well as the huge range of single origin organic dark chocolate on offer – Zotter 100% for example is amazing!

I received my mealworm chocolate through the post and eagerly opened it in INSECT anticipation.

This mealworm delight was presented in the form of a Zotter choco shot; which is literally a syringe of chocolate you squirt wholeheartedly and unashamedly into your mouth.

I have to say when I read the ingredients I was sad to read there is only 2% freeze dried mealworms in the chocolate itself, I expected more mealworm for my tastebuds to devour.

The ingredients also included almonds and almond oil. Was my choco shot going to be more of a nut chocolate than mealworm chocolate?

I squirted a polite but substantial amount into my mouth. I am not sure what mealworm is supposed to taste like but sadly all I could taste were the almonds.

The chocolate was crunchy and creamy with a very subtle cocoa flavour. The crunch of almond would lead you to feel like you are crunching on insects but the nut taste left nothing else detected. 

I was disappointed with this choco shot of mealworm chocolate. I wanted to be surprised, inspired and in some way offended even but all I got was nuts!

Zotter mealworm chocolate is not yet available to buy, but if and when Zotter release some healthy insect protein in the world of chocolate let’s hope we get more mealworm!

That is something I never thought I would hear myself say?!

More mealworms please!



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