Willies Cacoa VS Montezuma’s

Willies Cacoa VS Montezuma’s


(and taste test)

A chocolate review with a difference!

You cannot beat a little taste comparison and for a girl who likes her dark chocolate pure and untouched any chocolate with added ingredients do not usually float my ‘tastebud’ boat!

However, when Willies Cacoa 70% Ginger Lime and Montezuma’s 72% Orange & Geranium crossed my chocolate covered path, a taste comparison review felt like the right thing to do.

Although I realise the flavours are different, the fact they are both dark chocolate with added ingredients made it feel a fair enough comparison.

Let’s get touching, eating and devouring.

Willies Cacao

Baracoa 70% Ginger Lime


Chocolate Maker: Willies Cacao, UK

Percentage: 70%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 4/5

Unique Qualities: Ginger & lime flavouring, cuban, honey undertones, depth, smooth

Cocao Beans: Baracoan Beans

Cost: £1.99 for 50g 


The Full Review

Subtly zesty, rich and fiery. Absolutely deliciously more-ish.

I am a HUGE fan of Willies Chocolate, I find the depth of flavours in his chocolate are incredible. 

I was therefore apprehensive about tasting his chocolate with added ingredients! Ginger & Lime are not a natural ‘go to’ flavour for me. Lime in chocolate can be overpowering and almost too strong.

As soon as you break open the packaging and snap the bar, the gentle and sweet aroma of ginger fills your nostrils. The smell of the rich cocoa follows, anticipation awaits.

The ginger flavour comes through first and very subtly followed by the citrus flavour of the lime. The lime is not overpowering and the ginger gives a lovely fiery kick.

Baracoan beans are sweet by nature and their honey undertones perfectly complimented the citrus and fiery kick of ginger.

A very pleasant 70% dark chocolate, I would happily devour again. Great flavours and fair price!

If you are a chocolate lover with a zest for fruity dark chocolate, Willies Ginger Lime will keep you and your tastebuds perfectly content.


Orange & Geranium Dark Chocolate


Chocolate Maker: Montezuma’s, UK

Percentage: 70%

Taste: 2.5/5 

Price: 3/5

Unique Qualities: Geranium, orange, organic beans

Cocao Beans: Unknown

Cost: £2.60 for 100g 


The Full Review


Where was the orange and chocolate flavour?

Montezuma’s chocolate in general is yet to convince me and my tastebuds, so I thought one of their chocolates with added ‘oomph’ might encourage me to try more of their chocolate.

Geranium is known for it’s strong flavour and many will recognise it as the main ingredient in Turkish delight, so be warned if you do not like Turkish delight stay away from this chocolate.

The smell of rich chocolate immediately presented itself and I eagerly snapped a piece, I could smell the geranium sweetness and greedily popped a piece in my mouth.

WOW – The geranium flavour is very strong. Unfortunately, it is way to strong. I failed to taste any orange and very little of the rich and smooth organic chocolate.

I feel like someone spilt a bit too much geranium into this batch. It was such a shame as I feel the addition of orange would have lightened the strength of geranium. 

So I am left still to be convinced about Montezuma’s chocolate!

If you are a LOVER of Turkish delight just buy a box of Turkish delight!

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