Valor Chocolates – Spain

Nestled away along the coast of southern Spain sits the town of Villajoyosa.

Spain pay homage to Hernán Cortés for introducing the cocao bean to their sunny shores and it so happens this unassuming little town was the first place to turn cocao beans into chocolate. 

In the 18th century 30 chocolate makers covered the town of Villajoyosa. 

The town was enveloped in the incredibly comforting smell of Chocolate. The dusty roads were busy with horses and carts collecting sacks of cocao beans from the port to deliver to each Chocolate maker. 

Competition was intense as each maker fought to produce the best Chocolate.

As more chocolate makers started to pop up over Europe, Spanish chocolate makers in Villajoyosa slowly whittled away.

There are three chocolate makers remaining in Villajoyosa and you can visit all of them and taste their fabulous chocolate! 


Valor Chocolates is the largest producer of the three, producing nearly 90 tonnes of their exceptional chocolate a day. Valor now export their chocolate all over the world.


Valor Chocolates – 130 years of GROWTH

The Valor story started in 1881 with Valeriano López Lloret, his experience and passion for chocolate making catapulted the Valor brand into Spain. His son, Vicente Lopez Soler soon shared in the passion of his father and their crusade to deliver chocolate across Spain gained momentum.

Valor started to deliver their chocolate at night to avoid the heat of the day and with investment in technical equipment, they soon moved away from the ‘hands on’ traditional chocolate making of their competition.

In 1930’s investment in a Chevrolet van meant Valor could now deliver up to 1500kg and they started to supply shops with their amazing chocolate. The introduction of electricity further grew their business and in 1930 the first electrical roasting machines were installed.


Valor Chocolates

Over the next 70 years Valor Chocolates grew at an amazing rate. In 1960 they were producing 10,000kg a day and by 1995 they had moved to a new 22,000 square foot factory.

Innovation, investment and the amazing quality of their chocolate has seen the company go from strength to strength 


A worthwhile factory tour

The factory tour is an amazing way to learn about the history of Valor Chocolates, not only is it FREE but you have the chance to eat lots of delicious samples too.


Valor Dark Chocolate!

I will be reviewing Valor Chocolates over the coming weeks.

However, if you cannot wait for the review! Valor 82% Dark Chocolate is an exceptional chocolate with a rich, nutty flavour.

You can buy Valor Chocolate from supermarkets throughout Spain and Valor export certain varieties – check their site out for the list of countries. 

I am hoping to get my hands on a few bars to offer as part of the Chocolate treasure chest….coming soon!


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