Types of Chocolate


There are hundreds, possibly thousands of types of chocolate in the world, but Chocolate can be placed into four categories, five if you count a new kid on the chocolate block.


Dark Chocolate

Typically containing 70% and above cocao solids, Dark Chocolate contains less sugar and milk than Milk or White Chocolate.

Known for its many health benefits, eating Dark Chocolate of 70% and above ensures you obtain all of the goodness it has to offer. The darker the chocolate, the better.


Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is produced using less cocao solids, more milk, more sugar and therefore the health benefits are greatly reduced. 

All the naturally occurring antioxidants in the cocao bean are watered down and the increase in milk and sugar means the calories and fat content is higher.

You will consume up to double the calories and fat than Dark Chocolate and with far less of the amazing health benefits.


White Chocolate

White Chocolate is not really Chocolate.  

It is made with the cocao butter from the cocao pod, sugar and milk. Other than calcium it does not offer any other benefits cocao contains.

The lack of cocao solids in any form means there are no healthy benefits, antioxidants and definitely more calories and fat!

White Chocolate is typically sweet and milky!


Blonde Chocolate

A new kid on the chocolate block. Similar in taste and ingredients to White Chocolate.

Caramelising the cocao butter in the chocolate making process gives the chocolate a greater depth of flavour and caramel type colour.

No cocao beans are used in the chocolate making process, although some chocolate makers are choosing to use coconut milk to give the chocolate a point of difference to White Chocolate.


Added Ingredient Chocolate

In the competitive world of chocolate offering something different can set chocolate producers apart from the crowd.  

From chocolate with goji berries, toasted coconut pieces to chocolate with marmite, there are many different flavour variations on offer all vying for your attention.

A sector only expected to grow, I wonder where the flavour combinations will end up!



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