Eat & Review

When you have devoured as much Dark Chocolate as I have, you start to notice what types, chocolate makers and flavours you prefer.

Tasting and reviewing Dark Chocolate has taught me there is no GOOD or BAD, each chocolate is dependant on each personal taste and preference.

It is the same with any food; you like what you like!

However, there are certainly types of Dark Chocolate which offer a superior flavour, texture or taste.

When a chocolate melts in your mouth, coating your tongue with fruity, rich and delicious flavours, you know you have found an exceptional Dark Chocolate.

Reviewing and recommending Dark Chocolate for you to try is my passion; I LOVE finding a new chocolate.

The Dark chocolate reviews will be posted each month, so choose your month and find a chocolate (or three) you want to discover.

My chocolate philosophy; Eat, taste and Discover!



Get your tastebuds ready to join me!

Lets eat & review our way through the world of

Dark Chocolate


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