RAW questions with Chris from Enjoy! Raw Chocolate

RAW questions with Chris from Enjoy! Raw Chocolate

Passion, allergies and VEGAN Chocolates!

An interview with Chris from Enjoy! RAW Chocolate

It does not matter how big or small the chocolate factory is, the overwhelmingly delicious smell of Chocolate never fails to fill me with excitement and joy. 

Y’know the real ‘Willy Wonka chocolate factory’ kind of excitement.

Enjoy! RAW Chocolate is nestled away in the Hampshire countryside, their small but perfectly formed factory is full of shiny, fun stuff, which I am told is pretty crucial to producing their award winning organic range of Chocolate.

I LOVE to see a shiny piece of metal layered, smeared and covered in Chocolate, so for me, this is Chocolate making heaven.

Chris and Steph launched Enjoy! in 2014, years of living with food intolerances had kept Chris away from the delectable taste of Chocolate. ‘Free from’ alternatives just did not hit the spot! After years of playing around with cocoa in his own kitchen, Chris had his own ‘Willy Wonka’ recipe epiphany and Enjoy! RAW chocolate was let loose into the world of RAW chocolate. 

Business for Enjoy! is good and they have not only invested time and money in growing to meet demand, they have recently re-branded and extended their range of organic RAW chocolate bars.

Enjoy! ethics are pretty simple; Organic, RAW, vegan, quality, fantastic tasting chocolate which offers the same experience you would expect from devouring any Chocolate bar, but with fewer and healthier ingredients to boot.

Innovation radiates from Chris and Steph and even more SO when they shared an inside Enjoy! new product with me. 

Not only are Enjoy! delving into the realms of Vegan boxed chocolates BUT they are working with confectionary extraordinaire Chef Tyrone Hull to create this exciting new range.

With a stint working at the 3 Michelin star restaurant, Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea and recently working as Head of Pastry at the 5* Lainston House in Winchester, Chef Tyrone Hull has the taste buds and skill of Willy Wonka himself.

Using Enjoy! RAW chocolate, Tyrone will be lovingly developing and recreating some of the BEST vegan, organic, RAW chocolates on the market. 

Yes – You heard it here first?!

I threw the same questions at Chris as I do any budding Chocolate producer and here is what he had to say.

Why did you start making chocolate?

After 15 years without chocolate due to my numerous food intolerances (including refined sugar, gluten, soya and dairy), I decided to put myself through a course on how to make VEGAN chocolate. That was 8 years ago and my love for VEGAN chocolate went from there. 

Do you have a chocolate idol or hero and if so what inspires you about them?

I do not have an idol as such, however, having recently read the book ‘The Chocolate wars’ which tells the story about the Quakers, in particular the Cadbury family, and their influence on the chocolate world as we know it today, I simply loved their ethics and ethos.
What is your favourite part of the chocolate making process and why?

For me, it always comes down to the sampling and seeing customers reactions. When they come back for a second piece, I am happy!
What is your favourite variety of cacao bean?

Without doubt the Peruvian Criollo, we worked tirelessly to find the right bean to work with and we simply love it’s deep, smooth and nutty flavour.
What is the most difficult part of the chocolate making process and why?

Achieving the right balance of smoothness and texture without making the chocolate too viscous – too viscous and the chocolate becomes thick and this prevents the air bubbles from escaping when the chocolate is poured into the moulds. Too many air bubbles and the chocolate surface looks bumpy instead of being smooth.
If you had to take one bar of your chocolate to a desert island with you, which one would you choose?

Our very own Fruit & nut. Perfection.
What new and exciting chocolates are working on next?

I am excited to say we launching a new range of boxed chocolates soon – created and inspired by Chef Tyrone Hull. Watch this space.

Other than your own (of course) what other chocolate do you eat and why?

I would choose Ombars Coconut Mylk bar.- a very nice balance of taste and flavour (but naturally, I would always eat Enjoy! first!)
For someone new to Enjoy! chocolate, what bar should they start with first?

65% Coconut milk – lovely, creamy and smooth taste. 

I left Enjoy! feeling the love and passion for their craft oozing from their pores! With a production area with room to grow and the ability to produce a lot of chocolate bars a year! I have a feeling I am going to be seeing a lot more of them.

I cannot wait to review their new and exciting range of boxed chocolates; watch out Chef Tyrone I have my dark chocolate taste buds waiting to devour your Enjoy! inspired RAW sweet treats.

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