Perez Chocolates – Spain

Nestled away along the coast of southern Spain sits the town of Villajoyosa.

Spain pay homage to Hernán Cortés for introducing the cocoa bean to their sunny shores and it so happens this unassuming little town was the first place to turn cocao beans into chocolate. 

In the 18th century 30 chocolate makers covered the town of Villajoyosa. 

This small coastal town was submerged in the incredibly comforting smell of Chocolate. The dusty roads were busy with horses and carts collecting sacks of cocao beans from the port to deliver to each Chocolate maker. 

Perez Chocolates – 130 years of tradition

In the 18th century Gaspar Pérez Pérez started the family chocolate business and the Perez traditions have been passed down through generations! Thankfully their artisan chocolate is still enjoyed and devoured today.

The chocolate factory is definitely worth a visit. As you step over the threshold of this small chocolate factory, the smell of melting chocolate and tradition will warm your heart and senses.

Mr Perez the current generation owner will guide you around this beautiful, traditional chocolate factory. Watch the chocolate being shelled, ground and melted.

You will experience such a unique and genuine insight into a chocolate factory who still follow traditions from over 100 years ago.

The chocolate shop awaits you! A secret door is unlocked and you walk into a traditional and fantastic small shop of pure chocolate heaven.

Devour samples of freshly made chocolate and treat yourself to a bar or three of the exceptional Perez Chocolate.

70% Chocolate

Perez produce their chocolate using a mixture of the ‘magic three’ cocao beans (exact quantities are of course a family secret)! The beans are roasted, ground, conched and melted into moulds. There are no huge commercial machines, the process is still very much traditional and ‘handmade’.

A truly magical sight

Milk, white, dark and flavoured all grace the shelves of their shop and you can even buy fresh cocao butter.

Their unique packaging, traditional chocolate producing and genuine passion for chocolate make Perez a fabulous chocolate. 

You can only buy Perez Chocolate direct from their shop at present, but I am hoping to get my hands on a few bars to offer as part of the ‘chocolate of the month’ subscription……coming soon!!

Perez Chocolate & Almonds

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