Marou Vietnam Single Origin 80%

Marou Vietnam Single Origin 80%

Marou, Marou how I love you!

I cannot believe how many times I have walked passed Marou Chocolate; it was always the chocolate I would ‘buy tomorrow’ to review.

Like getting ready for a first date, the anticipation grew as I knew a chocolate love affair could be on the end of this review! Yep another one…..I am so fickle…

The fact Marou is made bean to bar in Vietnam really appealed to me! Familiar with Vietnam and their expertise in cultivating rice and coffee as well as being responsible for one of the healthiest diets in the world, the wonderment around what their chocolate would taste like left me intrigued.

Wrapped in beautifully sleek and almost art deco style packaging, I carefully unwrapped the bar and was presented with a sleek, beautifully designed bar of shiny Dark Chocolate.

Marou Single Origin ‘Tien Giang’ Chocolate


Vietnamese 80% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Maker: Marou Chocolate, 

Percentage: 80%

Taste: 4.5/5  – The highest score given to date!

Price: 4/5

Unique Qualities: Packed at source, 

Cocao Beans: 

Cost: £5.95 for 100g 

The Full Review

Fruity, exceptional, rich, smooth, gentle with very gentle hints of citrus fruit.

This my friends is one fantastically amazing Dark Chocolate. It snaps like a crocodile, has the shiny appearance of a crystal glass and tastes like sweet, juicy blackberries heated by the summer sun!

I cannot praise Marou 80% enough, and yes it is the start of a new love affair. I have been led down the path of temptation and into the perfectly chocolatey arms of another.

Marou will give you flavour and joy in one simple bite and is definitely a chocolate to impress. A chocolate for people who love Dark Chocolate but are looking for a fruity sweetness I have only tasted in this bar.

A perfect Dark Chocolate for chocolate connoisseurs, be warned you will fall in love with Marou and your secret chocolate stash will never be without a bar……or two.

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