Lovechock raw chocolate

Lovechock raw chocolate

Lovechock 93% chocolate caught my chocolate covered eye with its quirky packaging and rustic branding. Of course, the fact it is 93% will always appeal to my dark chocolate tastebuds.

Lovechock is the brain child of an Amsterdam based chocolatier and the packaging tells you the cute story of Laura the chocolate maker.

A vegan, raw and suitably environmentally friendly chocolate with 100% compostable packaging, I could not help but feel charmed by the brand message.

Offering other flavours such as 81% almond & fig and 81% goji & orange, Lovechock are definitely innovative. 

All their chocolate bars are handmade using the cold pressed method. Ecuadorian Cocao beans, coconut blossom nectar and lucuma all offer a healthier something different too.

I could not wait to get reviewing.

Lovechock Chocolate

93% Raw, organic & cold pressed


Chocolate Maker: Lovechock, Amsterdam

Percentage: 93%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 4/5

Unique Qualities: cold pressed, 100% organic, raw, naturally sweetened, dairy and soya free

Cocao Beans:  Ecuadorian

Cost: £3.89 for 70g 


The Full Review

WOW what a chocolate! As I opened it’s compostable packaging the smell of sweet nuttiness hit my nose and I knew I was in for a treat.

The gentle nutty flavour worked its way around my tastebuds with perfect harmony. I tasted caramel, honey followed by a gentle lick of butter.

For a 93% the flavour was smooth with no bitterness at all. Cold pressed beans are so much smoother as their flavour has been uniquely held inside until you break a piece and open their secrets.

This chocolate is superb, it is gentle, sweet, nutty and suitably delicious. Let a piece melt on your tongue and be charmed by its many levels of complex flavours.

I am in love with Lovechock, I really cannot wait to try their other flavours. If you are looking for a dark chocolate with punch, flavour and sophistication as well as a HUGE list of health benefits too, Lovechock is definitely for you.

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