Interview with Trace from The Chocolat Story

Interview with Trace from The Chocolat Story

After sampling some of the best flavoured chocolates to date, I could not wait to interview the brains and imagination and skill behind their existence. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Trace from The Chocolat Story and here is what she had to say!


What inspired you to start making chocolate?

I am artistic person, who loves colour, brighter the better and a keen eye for unusual art and fine food and drink . I am always experimenting with new projects, however I have to perfect each one and understand how each process works.

This is how my love for chocolate happened. I wanted to learn how each stage was achieved and how other chocolatiers tailored their creations to entice to people to love their chocolates. 

So I taught myself each chocolate method and practiced for many long days and nights in my kitchen and supplied my family and friends never-ending samples chocolate., which they all loved. I don’t think I will love another project like this and now I have made this project into my career.


Do you have a chocolate hero and if so what inspires you about them?

I don’t have a hero, however I like to see other chocolatiers experiment with new flavours and express their artistic flare and passion through their chocolates.


What is your favourite part of the chocolate making process and why?

The whole process excites me because there are so many different elements to creating my chocolates

Firstly designing and adding colour to the chocolates, this intrigues and attracts people to want to try them.

Secondly creating the chocolate fillings (ganache, praline and caramel), this takes a lot of time and effort to perfect the flavours and to enhance the tasting experience through touch smell and taste.

Lastly, matching the chocolates to the filling. Matching the right cocoa bean with the ganache, makes the whole experience a pleasant and enjoyable adventure.  


What is your favourite variety of cacao bean?

I personally like the smooth nutty flavour of the Peruvian Criollo.


What is the most difficult part of the chocolate making process and why?

Temperature management. Each chocolate has it different melting point and it is important to get the ratio of the ingredients to the right consistency for the chocolate. This provides the all important snap and melt in the mouth.    


If you had to take one of your chocolates to a desert island with you, which one would you choose?
This is difficult, as I love all my chocolates, but my favourite is Tonka bean with notes of vanilla, liquorice, cherry and cloves just overwhelmed me each time I have one, I could eat them all day.  


What new and exciting chocolates are working on next?
All my chocolates are based on characters and stories from books.  I’m currently working a new collection from the book 80 days around the world.


Other than your own (of course) what other chocolate do you eat and why?

I love all chocolate from dark to milk, each one gives you different aromas and taste.  


For someone new to your chocolates, what chocolate should they start with first?

I like people to be excited about trying my chocolates and would encourage them to experiment and open their minds to new flavours and help take them on an adventure through touch, smell and taste. 

So…I always recommend the unusual flavours for example Tonka and Yuzu these are amazing flavours and opens the door to them trying other combinations.  


Which chocolate in the chocolate cemetery was your favourite?

Texan bars…. When I was a kid these lasted me ages, I loved the combination of toffee, nougat and chocolate.  


What inspires all the flavours you use in your chocolate?

My chocolates are all inspired by characters and books and I try to match the character or the colour of the character to particular flavours, for example one of my chocolates is Captain Hook , Pirate love Rum, so I made a mojito chocolate, lime rum and mint chocolates. 


Chocolates with Character

I cannot implore you enough to give The Chocolat Story chocolates a taste. Each one is beautiful, flavoursome and exceptional quality. What more could you want?


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