Enjoy! Raw Coconut Milk Chocolate

Enjoy! Raw Coconut Milk Chocolate

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Enjoy! raw chocolate; so when they asked me to review their new kid on the block ‘coconut milk chocolate’ how could I resist?

Four delicately balanced ingredients go into the making of this bar and at 65% cocoa, it certainly gained interest from my dark chocolate loving tastebuds.

Coconut milk is certainly a ‘food trend’, so it is easy to see why chocolate producers are turning to this dairy alternative when looking to offer their customers something different. 

The health benefits of coconut has been widely reported and I have been using coconut oil in cooking, on my skin and as a hair conditioner for, well years!

Initially I was sceptical, coconut is a strong flavour and how would it sit against another strong partner, like cocoa? Well, lets find out!

Enjoy! Raw Chocolate

65% Coconut Milk

Chocolate Maker: Enjoy! Raw Chocolate, Andover, Hampshire

Percentage: 65%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 4/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, RAW, organic, smooth, rich, velvety, creamy

Cocao Beans: Criollo

Cost: £3.75 per 80g 

The Full Review

Goodbye British summer time and hello Caribbean! The gentle smell of sweet coconut immediately hits you as you unwrap this delicate bar of chocolate.

It is much lighter in colour than I anticipated and it is hard to believe it is 65% cocoa!

The snap is gentle and the chocolate feels soft, but not too soft! I hate a soft chocolate, I like to hear the snap.

As I take the first gentle and anticipated bite I am greeted with an overwhelming sense of comfort and joy!

My taste buds lap up the smooth, rich and velvety texture, before they are kissed by the delightful creamy coconut taste.

The taste immediately transported me back to my days as a child and devouring a bar of ‘bounty’ on the school bus on the way home.

Although Enjoy! is made with organic ingredients, raw coconut sugar and Criollo cocoa beans, I know I am getting more bang for my buck! Sorry Bounty lovers!

Enjoy! coconut milk chocolate keeps it’s 65% chocolate status well hidden, which if you are not a fan of the bitter undertones of dark chocolate can only be a good thing?!

The taste is exceptional, the price is reasonable and you can feel the passion and enjoyment that has gone into this bar of chocolate. Enjoy! really do have a passion for healthy, vegan, organic and truly exceptional chocolate.

If you are looking for RAW, vegan chocolate with a coconut smoothness and dark chocolate undertone, this is the perfect chocolate for you.

I will certainly remain a fan and cannot wait to see what other chocolates Enjoy! will launch this year! Watch this space.

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