Duffy’s Fine Chocolate Reviewed

Duffy’s Fine Chocolates are a chocolate making company hidden in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire. They are what I would deem as true bean to bar chocolate makers. 

After an email exchange with Duffy and upon his recommendation with which chocolates to review, I had the feeling I would be in for a treat with his award winning Chocolate.

After about an hour of trying to decide, I ordered the 83% & 70%.

Duffy’s source high quality raw cocoa beans, roast and stone grind them on their premises. It takes 4 days to product 30kg of his fine chocolate, each process carefully managed and carried out by hand.

 I could not wait to taste Duffy’s Chocolate; here are the reviews!

Duffy’s Fine Chocolate

Corazon Del Ecuador 83%


Chocolate Maker: Duffys Chocolate, Lincolnshire, UK

Percentage: 83%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 3/5

Unique Qualities: Roasted, stone-ground & handmade in UK, smooth, rich, fruity, nutty

Cocao Beans: Ecuadorian ‘Camino Verde’ 

Cost: £5.95 per 60g


The Full Review

As I carefully unwrapped the gold wrapping; the gentle smell of coffee & nuts enveloped my nose.

The snap of the bar, the clean and smooth appearance left me with great anticipation on what this 83% was going to taste like. I felt like a child waiting to open their stocking on Christmas morning.

I sat back, gently placed a piece of the amber nectar in my mouth and was taken to chocolate heaven. The flavour was superb. Rich, nutty, fruity and so incredibly delicate. 83% can often taste slightly burnt and bitter, but this chocolate bar is far from the bitter notes associated with Dark Chocolate.

The roasting is clearly carefully managed and I could not help but feel and taste the love and passion that goes into producing this bar of chocolate.

The smooth texture was a treat, I actually taste tested this 83% against Green & Blacks and there was no comparison, the green and blacks tasted burnt, bitter and actually tasteless!

At £5.95 per bar, it is not cheap. Would I pay this much again; YES!

This is a chocolate maker who roasts, grinds and clearly knows what Dark chocolate should and can taste like.

A chocolate maker who shows his passion, dedication and knowledge in this bar make this 83% my new favourite Dark Chocolate. My tastebuds have been opened up to flavours from an 83% I have never had the luxury of experiencing before!

I cannot wait to go and meet Duffy and learn about his passion for chocolate, watch this space.


Duffy’s Fine Chocolate

Nicargua Chuno 70%


Chocolate Maker: Duffys Chocolate,  

Percentage: 70%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 3/5

Unique Qualities: Roasted, stone-ground & handmade in UK, smooth, gentle, creamy, fruity

Cocao Beans: Xoco Criollo Beans

Cost: £6.95 per 60g


The Full Review

Could this 70% impress me as much as the 83%?

I seem to be reviewing a lot of 70% lately, although 70% is still not dark enough for me I have been really impressed with the chocolates I have tasted.

Duffy’s 70% Nicargua made with Criollo beans is no exception and it was recommended by Mr Duffy himself.

The smell, colour and perfect snap of the bar prepared my tastebuds for what I hoped would be a deliciously rich and smooth flavour. 

This 70% is a truly another exceptional chocolate from Duffy’s. The flavour was rich, creamy, fruity and even had a hint of subtly smooth coffee. You can instantly taste the Criollo beans, their unique strength of flavour and characterful notes come through at the end.

The sweetness was perfect, the texture was sublime and the aftertaste lasted long enough for me to be able to still appreciate the flavour for a few more delightful seconds.

This bar is definitely one of the best 70% I have tasted and you can see why it is one of Duffy’s favourites!

Again, the price is a little hefty but Criollo beans are notoriously the most expensive to use, let’s not forget they are roasted and stoneground in the UK too. This really is bean to bar chocolate.

With Duffy’s Fine Chocolate, you are paying more BUT you will be absolutely delighted with the amazingly, delicious and high quality chocolate!

Duffy’s Fine Chocolate is a UK chocolate maker with true chocolate passion at their heart. I cannot wait to devour more of his superb chocolate!

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