Dark Chocolate & Whisky?

Dark Chocolate & Whisky?

Are you a Dark Chocolate lover? Are you a Whisky lover? If so, read on this could well be the recipe for you. 

Actually, even if you do not like either read on, as you never know you may well be convinced. After all, who doesn’t like an indulgent chocolate cake recipe. 

Like Bruce Bogtrotter from the fabulous film ‘Matilda’ you will be both in awe and feel the urge to devour a giant slice of this cake! 


Just one more slice?


Dark Chocolate is known for its bitter undertones and Whisky is known for is intense hit of alcohol, but both offer so much more in terms of flavour and complexity.

Once you get over the initial shock, your tastebuds will relax and start to pick up on promises of fruit, smoke, coffee and much more!

Inspired by my recent reviews of alcoholic truffles, I could not resist experimenting with these two superb and intense ingredients to create a cake with attitude.

Pairing Dark Chocolate with Whisky is bang on trend, as coinnessuers from both sides try to find the perfect pairing for their beloved chocolate or whisky recommendations and pairing suggestions are cropping up across social media. 

As a recent convert to whisky, it has taken me a while to find the right chocolate to stand up to such a bold and overpowering flavour. Oh such a hard job!

The addition of Whisky in the cake promises alcohol and oh so much more than a burnt throat.

In this recipe Whisky perfectly enhances the Dark Chocolate and promises a pack of flavour and a very grown up dessert fit for any dinner party table.




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