Cocoa Loco Handmade Champagne Truffles

Cocoa Loco Handmade Champagne Truffles

Whilst I am truffling around reviewing alcoholic truffles, it only seemed fair to review more than one for comparison purposes. Any excuse to buy more chocolate!!

The review of Cocoa Ben’s truffles led me onto snuffling out a couple more and I have been meaning to review Cocoa Loco chocolate for while. 

I spied Cocoa Loco handmade Champagne truffles, the perfect partner to compare to Cocoa Ben’s.

At 37% minimum cocoa solids, Cocoa Loco truffles are definitely in the ‘milk chocolate’ category.

I know these are not going to initially appeal to my tastebuds, but ever the professional I will carry on and be as subjective as possible…..

Cocoa Loco are chocolatiers situated in West Sussex, creating everything from bars, truffles, baked treats to buttons. Single origin, organic and handmade are all ethics they shout about. 

Will their handmade champagne truffle live up to their ethics? 

Cocoa Loco

Handmade, Organic Champagne Truffles

Chocolate Maker: Cocoa Loco, West Sussex, UK

Percentage: 37%

Taste: 3/5 

Price: 3.5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, organic, single origin, smooth, creamy, rich 

Cocao Beans: Blend

Cost: £6.50 for 6 large truffles 

The Full Review

Smooth, rich, sweet, full textured, creamy, no alcohol, overpowering sweet chocolate coating.

The creamy, sweet smell of milk chocolate hits you as soon as you unwrap the truffles from their delicate paper duvet. 

Coated to perfection in a dusting of light brown flakes, they sit perfectly round and plump waiting to be devoured. Every truffle is the perfect copy of the next, they look beautiful.

There is no obvious alcohol smell, sweet and milk is all I can sense!

The truffles are substantial and the outer chocolate coating gently crushed as you bite down into it.

The taste of rich, creamy and very sweet milk chocolate fills my mouth followed by the smooth, velvety filling. The alcohol flavour is subtle and for me does not work with the creamy, sweetness of the milk chocolate.

The aftertaste is similar to eating a bar of Cadburys, the alcohol flavour disappears in a flash and you are left with a coating of milk on the roof of your mouth. Not pleasant.

The chocolate itself for me tasted, well a little ‘cheap’ and you certainly only need to half of the truffle, they are super sweet.

Again, I enlisted the help of volunteers to give a subjective review and the feedback was exactly the same. 

As with Cocoa Ben’s truffles delivering a champagne flavour is always going to be difficult, but any hint of alcohol in Cocoa Loco truffles are just so overwhelmed by the sweet, milk chocolate.

If you are a lover of Cadburys and like the novel idea of devouring chocolate with a hint of champagne, this could be the truffle for you. 

For me, I will not be back for another one. They look beautiful and you can see the passion and attention that has gone into them, but the taste does not deliver.

I will however, be tasting and reviewing Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate bars, so watch this space Cocoa Loco.

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