Cocoa Ben’s – Handmade Champagne & Cointreau Truffles

Cocoa Ben’s – Handmade Champagne & Cointreau Truffles

A chance meeting across social media introduced me to Cocoa Ben’s and his range of handmade truffles. Now I am the first to admit I am not a ‘truffle girl’.

I am a dark chocolate bar girl through and through, however, never one to turn down an opportunity to review chocolate of any kind, I committed my tastebuds to reviewing a truffle…… or two.

For many people (including me) alcoholic truffles are love or hate. Any Chocolate with alcohol reminds me of Christmas chocolate boxes cleverly disguising cheap milk chocolates filled with ill tasting alcohol.

The balance of alcohol in any food has to be carefully managed, can you really taste the difference between a chocolate laced with champagne and a chocolate laced with gin?! 

Ben is a Newbury based chocolatier with a passion for chocolate and especially truffles. Ben is a new kid on the chocolate block, starting his handmade truffle business in 2016. A childhood spent in the family restaurant introduced Ben to ‘good food’ and eventually into the world of chocolate.

So, without further ado let’s do the truffle shuffle!

Cocoa Ben’s

Handmade Champagne & Cointreau Truffles

Chocolate Maker: Cocoa Ben’s, Newbury, Berkshire, UK 

Percentage: 55%

Taste: 3.5/5 

Price: 4/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, unique flavours, smooth, rich, velvety 

Cocao Beans: Trinitario, Criollo & Forastero. Sourced from Belgium

Cost: £5.00 for 6 small truffles 

The Full Review

Smooth, gentle, rich, velvety, sweet, overwhelming cointreau and cleverly delicate

Upon opening the packaging the smell of chocolate and alcohol gently wafted out. I could instantly smell the sweetness in the chocolate and at 55% it is certainly more of a ‘milk’ chocolate than dark chocolate for me. 

As I bite into the truffle I like the crunchy outside followed by a smooth and pleasant cocoa flavour; again the sweetness is not my preference but I did not dislike the quality of the chocolate.

I liked the fact the outer coating is a generous layer of chocolate with no added dusting of cocoa powder.

The truffle filling was smooth, rich and cleverly light at the same time. The promise of champagne was always going to be a challenge and for me the overwhelming flavour of cointreau meant the champagne was further lost.

The alcohol was strong and eventually overpowered any taste of the chocolate coating. When you ask for an alcoholic truffle, you certainly get it with Cocoa Ben’s.

I needed the review to be subjective and as I am not a natural ‘truffle eater’ I enlisted a couple of people who could give an independent review.

Both found the truffle deliciously chocolatey and smooth at first but found the cointreau a little overpowering. That is not to say they both did not reach for another one!

Cocoa Ben’s truffle is perfect if you like a rich, smooth semi dark chocolate filled with a strong and determined alcohol flavour.

With Salted caramel and the launch of his gin & tonic truffle, I will certainly be looking to try the other truffle flavours in Cocoa Ben’s the range. Maybe I will be converted….

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