Coco Caravan 74% Ashaninka Criollo

Coco Caravan 74% Ashaninka Criollo

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Coco Caravan RAW chocolate before and I was suitably impressed.

Vegan, raw chocolate holds a place in my heart but on occasions I have felt a little disappointed by the depth of flavour.

Jacques is a chocolate maker with such passion and care for un roasted RAW chocolate. Of course, any chocolate maker needs passion, but Jacques pushes the boundaries of flavour combinations for his vegan chocolate bars; including the exceptional beans he is starting to source for his unique range.

When asked to review his new creation ‘Ashaninka Criollo’ ; how could a chocolate loving girl like me resist?

I introduce you to the Ashaninka Criollo 74% chocolate bar.

Coco Caravan

Ashaninka Criollo 74% un roasted RAW chocolate


Chocolate Maker: Coco Caravan, Stroud, UK

Percentage: 74%

Taste: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, raw, unroasted, rich, smooth, depth of flavour, vegan, earthy, nutty

Cocao Beans: Peruvian Ashaninka Criollo

Cost: £5.95 for 60g 


The Full Review

Now this is a dark chocolate with punch! I simply am utterly delighted by this chocolate.

As you open the silver wrapper you are faced with a shiny dark chocolate bar, you are then hit with the smell of nuts, coffee and a slightly fruity twist.

I often find vegan chocolate bars soft and many do not offer the snap often associated with a good bar of chocolate. However, this little number offers a superb snap.

The first bite filled my mouth with utter joy. It is rich, smooth and full of flavour. It seems much darker than 74%. I believe the fact it is made with coconut sugar means it is not as sweet and that is definitely a positive for me.

I was pleasantly whacked in the tastebuds with a deep earthy, fruity flavour. The criollo beans worked their magic as they licked my mouth and coated my throat.

You would never know this was a vegan/raw chocolate bar, the punch of flavour and snap of the bar really does make it stand out. I am a great fan of vegan RAW chocolate; but it often fails to deliver as much flavour as I would like.

This really is my favourite chocolate from Coco Caravan and if you are looking for a vegan chocolate which cleverly offers you everything you would want from any dark chocolate – EAT this bar!






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