Dark Chocolate & Strawberries

Dark Chocolate & Strawberries

Welcome along to British summer time and the arrival of Wimbledon.

Love or hate tennis, you cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the arrival of my favourite British fruit – Strawberries!

Strawberries have been part of the Wimbledon pomp and pageantry since 1877 and each year approx 67,000lbs of Strawberries and cream are served.

Thankfully Strawberries and Dark Chocolate go together like Champagne & Caviar or Fish & Chips.

The smooth richness of dark chocolate perfectly compliments the fruity, sweetness of Strawberries.

Never one to miss a tasting opportunity, I could not resist the quest to find the perfect Dark Chocolate partner for the succulent and delicious strawberry.

I naturally gravitated towards the Criollo cocoa bean and I just know a Madagascan offering will give me a nutty, fruitiness needed to compliment the succulent seasonal fruit. 


Akesson’s 100% Criollo immediately came to mind!

The subtle, fruity and slightly citrus flavours of Akesson’s lifts the sweet, fresh taste of Strawberries.

Devour Strawberry or Chocolate first?

Ideally strawberries should be eaten at room temperature, cold Strawberries will ultimately ruin the taste and flavours of the Dark Chocolate. 

I prefer a nibble of Dark Chocolate followed by a bite of strawberry, I let the two flavours linger around in my mouth and wrap themselves around my tastebuds!

Pure summer time Dark Chocolate perfection in one Strawberry flavoured mouthful.

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