The Chocolat Story Review #1 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story Review #1 – Chocolates with imagination

It seems like I have fallen into the abyss of reviewing chocolate and chocolates way off the beaten track of my tastebuds. I have been tempted into a world of beauty, flavours and cocoa percentages I would typically run away from!

The world of chocolates (boxed) is vast, ever growing and positively fascinating to me. I am still in LOVE with dark chocolate and bean to bar delectables, but I cannot hide away from the fact the world of single chocolates is growing.

I found The Chocolat Story chocolates on social media, immediately the quirky branding and eye catching bright and quirky range of chocolates caught my attention. 

I am a sucker for a story and odd flavours and boy do these chocolates satisfy my Willy Wonka desire for weird and wonderful combinations.

Trace from The Chocolat Story is passionate, quirky, extremely talented and so very creative. Her chocolates carry a story, a story which makes you feel like a child again. A child peering down the rabbit hole of the Mad Hatter and even taking a seat at his table.

Join me as I fall into the world of single chocolates of pure beauty and hopefully flavour…..lets start with The Hook Mojito.

The Chocolat Story

Handmade single boxed chocolates

#1 The Hook Mojito

70% Dark chocolate ganache, venezuelan rum creme

blended with milk & dark chocolate with a dark chocolate base infused with mint.


Chocolate Maker: The Chocolat Story, Waltham, UK

Percentage: 70%

Taste: 5/5 

Price: 5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, smooth, beautiful, creative, flavoursome, quality, 70%

Cocao Beans: Peruvian & Madagascar

Cost: £11.50 for 9 beautiful chocolates (other sizes available)

The Full Review


This is my first 5/5 star rating to date! 

Yes lovely chocolate lovers, the Hook Mojito really is that good.

Firstly, the quality of the chocolate is outstanding. The shine is reminiscent of looking into a mirror, a mirror that tells you, “you are the fairest of them all”!

A delicate snap leads you into the truly delicious, more-ish and flavoursome ganache. It is silky, smooth and the flavours really do deliver a chocolate covered Mojito. 

The blend of flavours are perfect.  

I am not a fan of alcohol infused chocolates (bad Christmas chocolate experiences come to mind), but the subtleness of rum perfectly kissed the chocolate infused mint base and I could not help but be charmed and quite frankly blown away.

Who knew I would be giving a single chocolate with alcohol my first 5/5 review. What next?! 

If you are looking for a chocolate that offers beauty and packs a punch of delicious, delicate, alcoholic, flavoursome and a perfect mix of all the ingredients it claims to include – This really is the chocolate for you!

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