The Chocolat Story Review #3 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story Review #3 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story – Chocolates Review #3

With 9 chocolates to review a girl has to take her time and give each chocolate 100% attention and dedication of her tastebuds.

If you missed the review of chocolate #1 & #2 – Take a look PippiThe Hook Mojito

I move onto chocolate #3 with tastebuds ready and primed. I LOVE my job.


The Chocolat Story

Handmade single boxed chocolates

#3 Rumpulstiltskin


Milk chocolate ganache with organic rhubarb & vanilla

Chocolate Maker: The Chocolat Story, Waltham, UK

Percentage: 55%

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, smooth, beautiful, creative, flavoursome, quality, organic

Cocao Beans: Peruvian & Madagascar

Cost: £11.50 for 9 beautiful chocolates (other sizes available)


The Full Review


Do not be put off by the yellow and green exterior….it reminds me of something I created in art class when I was going through my ‘creative’ phase.

Rhubarb by nature is gentle, delicate and can taste extremely bitter if not married with oodles of sugar.

Step away from any preconceptions you have about rhubarb and open up your mind to rhubarb which is delicately sweet, marginally bitter but overwhelmingly delicious when blended with fragrant vanilla.

The filling is smooth, fruity, warm and a warming, heady scent of pure indulgence.

The vanilla is slightly overpowering, but once you have accustomed to the flavour the second bite promises rhubarb and chocolate in all its glory.

I needed this chocolate to be a three bite scenario, you need to get through the vanilla on your first bite and on the second bite your tongue works its way around to the subtly milky chocolate and sweet gentle rhubarb.

Another truly delicate flavour combination, that just well…!

A chocolate for lovers of fruity ganache and the fragrant scent of vanilla. Visually adorable and delectably tasty. 

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