The Chocolat Story Review #2 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story Review #2 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story – Chocolates Review #2

With 9 chocolates to review a girl has to take her time and give each chocolate 100% attention and dedication of her tastebuds.

If you missed the review of chocolate #1 – Take a look The Hook Mojito.

I move onto the next chocolate in eager anticipation.


The Chocolat Story

Handmade single boxed chocolates


#2 Pippi

Fresh Mango pate de Fruit with fresh ginger infused chocolate ganache centre


Chocolate Maker: The Chocolat Story, Waltham, UK

Percentage: 55%

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, smooth, beautiful, creative, flavoursome, quality

Cocao Beans: Peruvian & Madagascar

Cost: £11.50 for 9 beautiful chocolates (other sizes available)


The Full Review


How could you not be charmed by this colourful, pretty in pink chocolate?

Fresh Ginger, mango & chocolate? Really?

Typically ginger in chocolate is candied; bathed in sugar which only works to put out the fire fresh ginger usually offers. Candied fruit for me in Chocolate is a NO.

My dear, dear chocolate lovers I introduce you to a very clever chocolate.

The mango pate adds sweetness to the fiery fresh ginger infused ganache. As you bite down into the chocolate, not only does it snaps perfectly but you are taken into the world of zingy, exceptional good stuff.

I cannot believe how well the flavours work together, there is not one overpowering or lingering flavour.

The mango kisses you with fruity sweetness and the ginger awakens your senses with its fiery kick.

The Chocolate itself, although milky (sad face) just works. The chocolate is smooth and is exceptional in quality. 

Another really, really AWESOME chocolate from The Chocolate Story. 

This is a chocolate for someone who likes to push their tastebuds outside the norm, get ready for a kick of ginger spice even the Spice girls would be proud of! (Sorry – could not help it) 

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