Chocolate History

Chocolate History

For over 4000 years the cocoa tree has

gifted highly nutritious cocoa perfection.


Once upon a Cocao Bean

The cocao bean started its early life in Mexico; as a wholesome, delicious drink. It is believed Mexican and Spanish royalty were the first to enjoy its delectable flavour.


All Hail the mighty Cocao Bean

With such amazing properties, Cocao was gifted to the GODS as an offering of peace and worship.


Aztec Hot Chocolate anyone?

Aztec was the earliest form of the hot chocolate we know and LOVE today. It was made from finely ground raw cocao beans and hot water! It would have been strong and bitter but highly nutritious.

The rich, dark liquid graced the tables of the rich whilst the poor could only stand and drink in its mesmerising aroma!


Spains love affair with Cocao Beans

Cocao Beans graced the shores of sunny Spain in the early 16th century.

They were regarded as a form of currency and Spanish royalty were amongst the few who could indulge in its impeccable flavour.

In the 18th century in a small Spanish town called Villajoyosa, chocolate making was born.

Over 30 chocolate factories speckled the small coastal town, each producing chocolate by hand using traditional methods. This once sleepy town supplied Spain and much of Europe with the tantalisingly lovely dark treat.

There are three chocolate factories still producing chocolate in Villajoyosa remaining today! (Perez, Valor & Clavileno). All of them are open to the public.


300 years of Chocolate obsession

Over the next 300 years Chocolate houses, hot chocolate, chocolate bars and a HUGE increase in consumption followed.

By the 19th century chocolate was a sweet treat everyone could afford to eat.

The decrease in value of sugar and milk gave chocolate producers the chance to sweeten the bitter notes of pure chocolate.

Chocolate went from an expensive treat to an everyday commodity almost overnight.


Chocolate in a world of Chocolate lovers

Today the world of Chocolate is very different.

With the average person consuming at least 8kg each year, our love affair with chocolate is obvious.

We LOVE its taste, its recently proved health benefits and we simply cannot get enough of its dark or milky flavour perfection.

In recent years chocolate has seen a reform, with smaller chocolate producers hankering back to the traditional ways of producing chocolate.

Dark, single origin Cocao bean chocolate bars made with unrefined sugars are flooding our shopping baskets. Complex tastes and pure ingredients has elevated chocolate to another level.





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