Chocolate Health Benefits

Dark Chocolate is the ‘healthiest’ type of chocolate you can eat and offers so many health benefits.

It contains less sugar, less cocao butter and as the cocao bean content is higher it maintains more antioxidants. 

Have you ever really wondered……


What REALLY happens when you eat dark chocolate?


and why do we LOVE it so much?

1. Chocolate gives you an immediate sensory pleasure. Your tastebuds are overwhelmed with the rich flavour and dance for joy as the dark amber nectar smothers them.

2. Your body converts the sugar into energy within 15 minutes of being consumed, so we are given a kick of energy.

3. Within 2 hours we have absorbed the cocao bean goodness into our bloodstream and our brain starts to benefit from its antioxidants. It raises our endorphins and serotonin levels and we start to feel happy.

4. Reduces stress! Yes recent evidence has suggested Dark Chocolate has the ability to calm us down and when consumed regularly, it has a positive effect on reducing the stress inducing hormone cortisol.

5. Dark chocolate is an appetite suppressant. The high fat content from the cocoa butter will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Enjoying a single piece of chocolate could stop you from snacking on more sugary and unhealthy foods.

6. The flavonols in Dark Chocolate have been proven to relax blood vessels within our heart muscle and therefore reducing blood pressure. As little as 40g per week has been shown to have a positive effect.



Love at first bite

For me the health benefits of dark chocolate are a bonus and of course as long as you eat dark chocolate in moderation, there is no harm indulging in a square or two.

I encourage you all to introduce a little of the dark stuff into your diets!


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