The Chocolat Story Review #5 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story Review #5 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story – Chocolates Review #5

With 9 chocolates to review a girl has to take her time and give each chocolate 100% attention and dedication of her tastebuds.

If you missed the review of chocolate #1, #2 & #3 – Take a look Pippi, The Hook Mojito , Rumpulstiltskin & Peter.

Lets get stuck onto ‘Beauty’

The Chocolat Story

Handmade single boxed chocolates


#5 Beauty

White chocolate ganache raspberry pate de fruit & rose water infused in fresh lychees


Chocolate Maker: The Chocolat Story, Waltham, UK

Percentage: 55%

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, smooth, beautiful, creative, flavoursome, quality, organic

Cocao Beans: Peruvian & Madagascar

Cost: £11.50 for 9 beautiful chocolates (other sizes available)


The Full Review

Beauty by name and beauty by taste. 

How is it possible to delicately infuse lychees in rosewater and ensure the flavour shines through a rich smooth white chocolate ganache?

Well this is it – I present to you ‘Beauty’

Beauty captures a host of the most amazingly fresh delicious and fresh ingredients in one simple mouthful.

I am not a fan of white chocolate, it always seems to leave a weird film in my mouth and a slightly sickly feeling in my stomach. So a good start! This is coming from a girl who will typically only eat dark chocolate of 80% and above.

The smell was sweet, the rosewater jumped to the top and gently wafted around me.

One bite felt a crunch of deliciously smooth milk chocolate, followed by the most exquisite fruit taste I have experienced in a chocolate. You can actually taste every ingredient, first the lychee, followed by the raspberry and then you get a hit of rosewater. Simply divine.

Cleverly the sharpness of the lychee and scent of rosewater cut through the white chocolate and acted as a palate cleanser. I was not left with the usual weird texture in my mouth. 

A chocolate for white chocolate lovers and for those who are yet to be convinced by it’s milky undertones; I urge you to give this chocolate a try.




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