The Chocolat Story Review #4 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story Review #4 – Chocolates with imagination

The Chocolat Story – Chocolates Review #4

With 9 chocolates to review a girl has to take her time and give each chocolate 100% attention and dedication of her tastebuds.

If you missed the review of chocolate #1, #2 & #3 – Take a look Pippi, The Hook Mojito  & Rumpulstiltskin

I move onto chocolate #4.

The Chocolat Story

Handmade single boxed chocolates

#4 Peter

Milk chocolate ganache cinnamon, almond, vanilla & Tonka bean


Chocolate Maker: The Chocolat Story, Waltham, UK

Percentage: 55%

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Unique Qualities: Handmade, smooth, beautiful, creative, flavoursome, quality, organic

Cocao Beans: Peruvian & Madagascar

Cost: £11.50 for 9 beautiful chocolates (other sizes available)


The Full Review

This vibrant, colourful green chocolate jumps out from the box as soon as you peek inside.

I have never tasted tonka bean before; although I am all to aware it can be an overpowering flavour so I was immediately intrigued.

The smell of vanilla and cinnamon tickle your nose and I feel comforted and both excited about biting into this vibrant treat.

On my first bite, the filling is smooth, fruity, warm and I am blessed with a heady scent of vanilla and cinnamon.

The fruity flavour, gentle subtleness of vanilla followed by what I expect is the flavour of tonka bean all blend perfectly together. I feel like I have sipped on a fruity cocktail. 

The cinnamon is very gentle and only comes through very carefully at the end. It’s like opening your Christmas stocking and finding a hidden present right at the bottom. It is both delightful and welcome.

Another truly authentic flavour combination, that just well…! 

A chocolate for lovers of fruity ganache and the subtle yet perfect flavour of cinnamon and tonka bean. 


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