RAW Chocolate Reviews

Happy Springtime! As I look forward to easter and what Dark Chocolate easter eggs may delight my tastebuds, I cannot neglect the job of reviewing!

Raw Chocolate features high this month of chocolate reviews and I cannot wait to share the treasures I have found!


Coco Caravan

Raw Organic Dark Chocolate 72%

Chocolate Maker: Coco Caravan, Stroud, UK. 

Percentage: 72%

Taste: 3/5 

Price: 2.5/5

Unique Qualities: Raw, Organic, Vegan, Fair trade, Refined sugar free, Soy Lectin free

Cocao Beans: Criollo 

Cost: £3.99 per 77g


The Full Review

An intriguing Raw Chocolate. I am used to a depth a flavour from a Dark Chocolate and even though this Chocolate at 72% is on the border of Dark Chocolate territory, with the use of the unique Criollo cocao beans, I expected a complex range of flavours. 

It is gentle, not overly sweet and leaves a very clean and refreshing taste on your tongue. The refreshing, clean aftertaste threw me. There was no strong, depth of flavour waiting to tickle my tastebuds.

The fact all Coco Caravan chocolate is made with coconut blossom nectar appeals to me and you can certainly tell the difference in the sweetness level – In a good way.

I would describe Coco Caravan 72% as a polite, unassuming and pleasant friend. A friend who is fun to be around but you want a bit more pizazz!

If you are looking for a raw, vegan, refined sugar free Dark Chocolate that offers a pleasant and clean taste give Coco Caravan 72% a try. British raw chocolate handmade by a passionate chocolate maker.


RAWR Chocolate

Raw Organic Dark Chocolate 80%

Chocolate Maker: Rawr Chocolate, Cambridge, UK. 

Percentage: 80%

Taste: 4/5 

Price: 3/5

Unique Qualities: Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Fair trade

Cocao Beans: Unknown (Awaiting confirmation from Rawr)

Cost: £2.45 per 60g


The Full Review

I loved this RAW chocolate. As soon as it hit my tongue, I knew the nutty and caramel flavours were going to take me into Dark Chocolate heaven.

At 80% I would expect richness and depth and Rawr did not fail to meet my Dark Chocolate expectations.

It melts gently in the mouth and leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of homemade caramel cooking in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. 

Many 80% Dark Chocolates leave you satiated after a square or two, but due to the gentle flavour I felt like I could eat the entire bar! A good and a bad thing.

Rawr was a Raw Dark Chocolate which certainly left me feeling comforted in its embrace.

If you are looking for a vegan, RAW Dark Chocolate with character (as their label says) this is definitely the Dark Chocolate for you.


Conscious Chocolate

Raw Organic Dark Chocolate 85%

Chocolate Maker: Conscious Chocolate, Surrey, UK. 

Percentage: 85%

Taste: 3/5 

Price: 2.5/5

Unique Qualities: Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Fair trade, unrefined sugar free, soya free

Cocao Beans: Unknown (Awaiting confirmation from Conscious)

Cost: £3.00 per 50g


The Full Review

A RAW chocolate that I would refer to as more of a truffle.

A much softer texture made for a thick consistency, which although was not unpleasant was certainly different. The texture was also slightly grainy and made it feel more like a RAW eating experience.

The flavour was rich, nutty and definitely delicious. The depth of flavours left me with the taste of chocolate in my mouth long after I had reluctantly swallowed. 

Unlike other raw chocolate bars, this bar left me feeling like I was eating an alternative to everyday Dark Chocolate. I felt like I was eating a vegan, dairy free and sugar free bar.

The overall taste and flavours were exceptional but the texture for me made it feel less of a chocolate bar. 

Perfect if you are looking for a true RAW, vegan Dark Chocolate eating experience. 


Aprils Review Summary

April for some reason turned into Raw Chocolate review month! I really enjoyed eating RAW chocolate and have definitely been converted to the ‘light’ side of eating Dark Chocolate.

RAWR chocolate came out on top for me, but do not let that put you off Conscious and Coco Caravan as both are delectable.

Rawr Chocolate is definitely a Raw chocolate with lots of taste, flavour and character.

Raw chocolate is often produced my smaller chocolate makers and therefore prices are more expensive. With organic, fair trade and high quality ingredients, you are certainly paying more for quality.

I still feel its a shame if you are a Vegan looking for chocolate; you will be paying double for your Dark Chocolate fix! Choose wisely!

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