Akesson’s 100% criollo Chocolate

Akesson’s 100% criollo Chocolate

If you are submerged in the world of dark chocolate, you will be aware of Akesson’s. Unusual square packaging and a slight feel of intimidation gives this chocolate an air of sophistication. 

If I am truthful I purposely kept away from reviewing Akesson’s. I like to sniff out smaller producers, who may need a hand from a helpful review from a dark chocolate loving lady.

However, intrigue forced my hand into ordering a bar and I found myself drawn to their 100% criollo, the label is littered with awards so I assumed it would be a good start. I am also a sucker for red packaging……

The more I learn about the history of Akesson’s the more I realise it is a chocolate born from family wealth and an eye for business.

Don’t get me wrong I do not be-grudge it’s impressive beginnings, but at the same time it feels more like a ‘brand’ than a bean to bar chocolate with character.

Ever the professional, I do not let a story effect what I am tasting. 


Akesson’s Single plantation Criollo


Chocolate Maker: Akesson’s, Madagascar 

Percentage: 100%

Taste: 3.5/5 

Price: 3/5

Unique Qualities: Packed at source, bean to bar, award winning, single plantation

Cocao Beans: Criollo

Cost: £4.95 for 60g 

The Full Review

Tart, gentle, lightly fruity, full in flavour, thick texture, slightly burnt. It smelt rich and ultimately delicious.

For 100% dark chocolate the lack of bitterness was surprising. The tartness along with a gentle fruity flavour was unusual and pleasant but did not make me shout WOW.

The texture was a little full in the mouth for me and it left a slightly clay like coating on the roof of my mouth. 

For me the slightly burnt flavour perfectly complimented the fruitiness and I expected a harsh aftertaste, but NO the gentle flavours slowly disappeared and left a rich, smooth taste.

For 100% dark chocolate this is impressive and the lack of bitterness is replaced with a burnt flavour, but it actually works.

Akesson’s is definitely a chocolate for a coinnesseur and for someone who has adult tastebuds! You really only need a tiny piece, it is intense.

Would I buy this again? Honestly, I am not convinced, but I will definitely look to try their other strengths.

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